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Cherry XML is an e4x-inspired XML parser for Ruby. Cherry also includes Cherry Templates, a purely data driven XML templating system.

While coding a e4x implementation in Ruby is possible, eg. R4X, the standard e4x syntax is not. So rather then focus on the details of parser implementation, Cherry adapts a Ruby-esque front-end, made in the spirit of e4x, to previoulsy tried-and-true XML parsers on the back-end. Specifically, Cherry has REXML and Ruby-LibXML adapters, either of which can drive the easy to use Cherry front-end. This is very useful when in need of a pure Ruby setup using REXML, or need the speed of LibXML.

[NEW!] In recent months Cherry has also drawn inspiration from JQuery and Hpricot HTML parser. These are gret libs too! And Cherry's API is increasingly compatible with both.

Cherry Templates are 100% data driven, much like Amrita, and work in same fashion, with only a few distinctions. Pure data drive templates are the creme d' la creme of templating. One of the most amazing things to see is a whipped-up YAML file fill out a Cherry template. Yum!


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